Mapplicant is an online application consulting platform that enables students with college preparation, admissions guidance, and career development. Mapplicant makes this possible by connecting users that could use some guidance or are having trouble getting started with their applications to qualified experts and consulting professionals. Our methods have gotten other students into colleges and on career paths they once only imagined possible.

Mapplicant only uses qualified professionals who have years of experience helping clients master their applications. Our college application guides have been vetted by experts who were once admissions officers at prestigious universities and the consultants that will help you are either the same ex-admissions officers or seasoned admissions consulting professionals. Our career development guides have also been created in conjunction with experienced career guidance consultants that are currently at top positions within their industry and have helped clients land jobs that they once only dreamed of.

You can go about your college and job applications by yourself. But are you sure you're doing everything right? These are once in a lifetime opportunities and for something this important, sometimes having a coach or mentor by your side to make sure you don't make a crucial mistake is the extra boost you need to reaching your goals. Our guides have been crafted by experts who know what they are doing, and we continuously update our guides to stay current and ensure that the advice we're giving you can help make the difference between getting in or getting rejected. We've also made our advice affordable. Costs for professional consultants in both college admissions and career guidance are sometimes unbelievably high. We've created a platform that allows you to get the same exact service that these expensive consultants charge at a much more reasonable rate.

Sign up, choose a course for the area that you want guidance in, and pay with ease. Then, watch our video guides that will help you start the first steps in the process of building the most important parts of your application. Our experts have gotten together, gathered the tested methods that they have used for years, and formulated these comprehensive guides that will result in your improved and effective application. Once you've begun creating drafts with the advice you've been given through our guides, you'll submit your drafts to the same experts, who will return feedback on the drafts that you've created. Depending on the course that you choose, you'll have a set number of improved drafts returned to you. Finally, your last returned draft will have been deemed submission worthy, meaning that the work you created with our guidance can be put into your application.

Ex-admissions officers from prestigious universities, current professional admissions consultants, and certified career guidance consultants. You're only working with true professionals with proven track records.

Enough has been said about the people who created this platform and who you'll be working with. We also use a double editing check system. The editors that you use to create and improve your drafts will then be followed by consultants who will review and approve the progress of your work. You have two experts helping you along in the process, ensuring that your work meets up to our standards.

We can only provide refunds on courses that have yet to be started. Once you begin a course, we're focused on customer satisfaction. Let us know your concerns or issues and we'll do everything necessary to improve our services.

It varies depending on the course. Please check the instructions for the specific course you are interested in. Additionally, we'll give you an estimated time frame of when you can expect your feedback upon each submission you send to us.

If you are experiencing problems, please contact us directly with your issues and concerns and we'll address them immediately.

It varies depending on your needs, but typically, you should look to begin a course 3-4 weeks before you'd like to submit your application. It will allow enough time for the review process to properly work and also give you sufficient time to seek feedback from other sources to reinforce your final draft.

Right away. Mapplicant’s packages will be available to you immediately after you create an account and with your purchase of a course.

It varies depending on the course and time of year, but typically, you should have a final version within a week, depending on how quickly you complete your submission points.

For customers located in Korea, please check the instructions section of each course for our bank transfer information. For customers located outside of Korea, we accept payments by credit card or bank transfers.

Mapplicant is compatible across all platforms. In the case of Internet Explorer, users with an older version (below IE 9) might experience a different layout and organization of the website. If you find the site problematic, try other web browsers or check and upgrade the version of your current browser.

Check out our Careers page. Just fill in some basic information followed by a few application questions and submit along with your resume.

If you have had your essays reviewed or edited by an editor before, you can ask to have your essays handled by the same editor after purchase and by contacting us directly.