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Our goal is to navigate you through these uncharted chapters of your life. Our guides have been crafted to boost your performance at the critical stages of each chapter. We are Admissions & Career Experts with proven track records to bring you closer to your goals.



Courses are built with the concept of teamwork in mind between you and our team. Each course has been designed and is regularly updated by consultants with extensive experience in their fields. They are experts in what they do - be it admissions, career consulting, tutoring, or editing - and each has contributed to building the most complete, up-to-date, and learner-friendly guide to help you complete your tasks.
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Watch quick video guides packed with essential info on how to begin a draft.

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Submit your drafts for feedback from an expert consultant.

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Continue on to the final submission stage and receive your final copy.

List of courses

College Applications

Enroll price
:  $385,000
  • Get direct input from ex-admission's officers on creating the most compelling and memorable essays.
  • Learn and benefit from an essay writing program developed by admissions experts and writing coaches that will allow for you to find your most revealing story.
  • Receive several stages of feedback and editing to take your essay from first draft to completion.

It's the essay that you'll be sending to almost every school you apply to. A good essay can be the difference between two students that have very similar backgrounds and scores. Rather than leaving such an important element of your application to chance, learn from admission's experts on what they look for in a great essay. Then, use the opportunity to work alongside these experts and writing coaches to continually upgrade your draft until it is complete and ready for submission.

Career Guidance

Enroll price
:  $199,000
  • Learn what it takes to have the type of resume that gets people's attention.
  • Have an expert recruiting specialist guide you in either building your first resume or upgrading your current one.
  • Exhibit the professionalism you'll need in all of your future applications.

The importance of a resume can't be emphasized enough. It is a tool that will help you earn the career you're dreaming of now, and it will begin to separate you from the rest of your peers as early as high school. It's an art in and of itself, and by having an expert career consultant guide you in writing one, you'll be gaining from the experience of people that have been judging the quality of resumes at the highest corporate level.

Academic Writing

Enroll price
:  $119,000
  • Let us proofread, edit, and suggest changes to select written assignments before handing them in.
  • Get expert input on your work to ensure the best grade possible.
  • Benefit from academic and writing professionals that have been trained to take your writing to the next level.

Your performance in school is one of the most important elements of any application, so why not receive guidance on how to do better in your classes? By having an expert educator review your work and give you suggestions before you submit your assignments, you'll guarantee yourself a better outcome as well as learn how to improve on your writing with the instruction that you receive.


We will take your work to a higher level, but we ask that you be reasonable in acknowledging your writing ability and in your final expectations.

To maintain our code of ethics, understand that we will guide you as far as we can, but we can only do so much with what you produce. If you are struggling in academics at school, we can't create material that is at the level of an honors student. It won't help you improve and it will also be quite obvious to trained professionals that are screening your entire application and background.


Prompt completion of your draft is necessary for our editors to return feedback in time. If you allow for your course to reach its expiration before you have completed it, an extra fee will be charged to re-open your course. If a course is being misused, we reserve the right to cancel your course privileges. Also, our courses are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.


We can't and won't do the work for you.

If we feel your level of cooperation is not satisfactory, we will return your drafts with our reasons for rejection and expect you to produce a better version. We're here to help you create your own piece of work, so don't plan on sending us incomplete, sloppy, or unintelligible drafts and expect us to finish the rest for you. A course can not be continued until your draft has passed each submission point.