Your identity, personal information, and application material will be kept private. We will not disclose any of your information to any third parties or on our website without your consent.
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Ex-Admissions Officers, Professional Copywriters, U.S. College Consultants, Career Consultants - these are the people that you are working with.
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Your application material goes through our system of two reviews. Your Consultant walks you through completing your drafts and a final revision is handled by a Senior Expert to ensure your work meets our standards of submission-worthy material.
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Sign-up and join a course. Follow the video guides and produce your drafts.


Our consultants will review your submissions and provide suggestions and questions for additional information.


Your edited drafts will be delivered to you within a specified period of time.


Continue revising your writing with an editor towards your final draft.

After completing one of
our application courses, you will

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Avoid mistakes that you might have made on your own
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Learn from an expert guide how to best present yourself to the screening committee
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Feel more confident in submitting your application material
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Get your academic and career plan on the fast track

Who we are


  • What if I knew then what I know now? Could I have done better? We were once sitting exactly where you are and we can only wonder now what might have been. If only we knew...
  • Lets face it, great candidates often produce terrible applications. We've seen it too often, as hiring managers sifting through piles of horrible resumes or application readers laboring through cringe-worthy essays. If only these applicants knew how to present themselves better...
  • We believe that every student deserves to know how to approach getting into college and beginning their careers
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  • We are people that are great at what we do
  • We've advised students on not just how to get into college, but also which college and program best fit their desired paths. We've coached candidates into getting jobs they once only dreamed of. And we're also the people that once sat on the opposite side of the table, screening college and job applicants for our former organizations.
  • We're committed to putting order to the chaos of admissions and career consulting, setting standards for service, quality advice, and results. And we believe everyone deserves to be helped by experts, regardless of background, money, or circumstance.
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Our ethical guideline

  • We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to application ethics. Your applications will be your own, and we don't do anything that screening committees would consider unethical.
  • We honor your decisions regarding where you apply. Your best interest is at the heart of our courses and counseling.
  • We provide accurate admission and career information to students and empower them in the process of making the right choices for their future responsibly.
  • We abide by all policies regarding the treatment of students and confidential information, in addition to our strict privacy policy.
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