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From school selection to essay editing to application review, we help you make smarter choices and present your brand in the most favorable light.
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Got into college? Got that diploma? Now, get the internship or job that will jump start your career. We help you learn what it takes to get your foot in the door.
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Whether it's a school paper, an essay assignment, or a standardized test, we smarten up your writing so that you get better results.

How Mapplicant Works

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Watch video guides with instructions on how to create your rough drafts

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An experienced consultant will provide feedback and support to improve your original work

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Your final draft will be edited and ready for submission

What's In It For You

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Proven And Effective

Our video guides are a collection of tested methods that have worked for applicants every year. Content is reviewed and verified by expert admissions and career consultants.

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Editing Double Check

You get your own individual consultant to review your drafts, plus we provide a final review by a senior expert for quality assurance.

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Expert Help

Our consultants were either the people picking and choosing candidates at universities before or have been helping students get into their reach universities or dream jobs for years.

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Our instructional video guides are simple, so you can start your applications with ease.

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Our Consultants and Editors are qualified and experienced professionals.

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Transactions are simple, safe, and hassle-free.

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Your information will be kept private and confidential.

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Pay for only what you need. Avoid the excessive bulk packages.

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Verified instructions you can apply again in the future.

Applicant Advice 

We've gathered every resource we could find about your college journey - from interview prep to essay writing to career coaching - and provide our own advice and expertise on admissions decision-making.

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Stanford University

Without Mapplicant, I would have submitted a poor application. They helped me identify the best way to present myself to universities and Stanford University chose me.

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Columbia University

My application was a mess, but Mapplicant helped me organize everything and helped me create an application that best portrayed me. I'm so happy at Columbia University.

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University of Chicago

I owe it all to Mapplicant for helping me get into University of Chicago. I had what it took to get in, but they showed me the mistakes I was making in my app and fixed them.

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